Katharina D. Martin read Social Science, Philosophical Aesthetics and Media Art in Germany and the Netherlands. Her graduation project involved a case study of a schizophrenic patient, including an analysis of the archetypical semiotics of his artistic works.

Katharina D. Martin is Lecturer for Philosophy and Image Theory and Course Coordinator for the programme Moving Image at AKI ArtEZ Academy for Art and Design Enschede (affiliated with ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem).

Martin is Associated Member at the Cluster of Excellence at the Humboldt University zu Berlin. Her current research project gravitates around the concept of milieu as epistemological model for the inquiry of digital technology. Of particular interest is the correlation between code and its aesthetical form as digital image.

conference papers

Paris 29.06. – 01.07.2017 
»Amplified Bodies and Digital Aesthetic« Conference: Sensibiltiy and the Senses, Media, Bodies, Practices. NECS European Network for Cinema and Media Studies und Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris.

Amsterdam 09.04.2016
»Feminism & New Materialism« public dabare with Jules Sturm: Philosohy festival: In staat tot natuur, Wijsgerig Festival DRIFT 2016 Felix Meritis Amsterdam.

Stockholm 29.06. – 01.07.2015
»Medical Science Medical Practice Medical Aesthetic” Conference: Daughters of Chaos: Practice, Discipline, A Life. 8th international Deleuze Studies Conference.

Hamburg 17.02. – 21.02.2015 
»Digitale Tarnung: Das Potential einer optischen Dimension« Conference: Techne – poiesis – aisthesis. Technik und Techniken in Kunst und ästhetischer Praxis. IX. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ästhetik und der Universität Hamburg.

Delft 13.11. – 14.11.2014 
»Augmented Reality: An Optical Dimension: A Membrane« Conference: Critical and Clinical Cartographies, Delft. Organized by the Department of Architecture TU Delft.

Utrecht 03.09. – 05.09.2014  »Digital Milieus and Their Material Entanglement« Conference: Philosophy After Nature, Utrecht. Joint Annual Conference of The Society for European Philosophy and Forum for European Philosophy at Utrecht University.

Kopenhagen 19.03. – 21.03.2014 
»White Wall and Black Hole: Micro-politics of the Undetectable Face« Konferenz: What Images Do. Organisiert von Eikones Basel, TU Delft, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf und Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen.

Münster 18.11. – 01.12.2013
»Weiße Wand und schwarzes Loch: Mikropolitik des unentdeckten Gesichts« Konferenz: Innen. Außen. Anders. Körper im Werk von Gilles Deleuze und Michel Foucault. Organisiert von Ann-Cathrin Drews und Katharina D. Martin an der Kunstakademie Münster. 


Ann-Cathrin Drews/Katharina D. Martin (HG.) 2017: Innen. Außen. Anders. Körper im Werk von Gilles Deleuze und Michel Foucault. Bielefeld transcript. >>Download Inhalt und Einleitung

Martin, Katharina D. (2017): Gesicht, Kopf, Körper, eine politische Karte. In: dies./Drews, Ann-Cathrin (Hg.): Innen. Außen. Anders. Körper im Werk von Gilles Deleuze und Michel Foucault. Bielefeld: transcript, pp. 289-304. >>Download author's final version

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Martin, Katharina D. (2017): Ecologies of Corporeal Space. In: Sohn, Heidi/Radman, Andrej (eds.): Critical and Clinical Cartographies: Embodiment / Technology / Care / Design, Edinburgh University Press, pp. 178–312. >>Download author's final version

Martin, Katharina D. (2015): Critical and Clinical Cartographies, International Conference Proceedings, Andrej Radman und Stavros Kousoulas (Eds.), Jap Sam Books and the Architecture Theory Chair at Delft University of Technology 2015, S.39-50. >>Download article